Karla has a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and Art Therapy from Naropa University.  She has worked extensively with children in private practice for 7 years, and has now working mainly with adults for the past 6 years.  Anxiety, depression, divorce, post traumatic stress disorder, grief, parenting challenges and life transitions are all areas of Karla's focus.

Using mindfulness practice, neuroscience, transpersonal tools, and a relational approach, Karla collaborates with and supports her clients in very practical and also long lasting ways.  She is compassionate and kind while also providing gentle challenge and a scaffolding approach to growth in all areas of life.

Having worked deeply with children, Karla has a unique perspective as couples move through the divorce process, and is able to share her lens with parents in the service of what children may need while families are in challenge.  Karla lives in Boulder but can also easily work remotely with clients and remote clients are a large part of her practice.